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Welcome to Chevalier Technology Services

We are a team of Information, Communications & Technology (ICT) enthusiasts focused on quality outcome where we design, develop, deploy and support highly customized solutions that are the most cost-effective options available in the market today.

Our Business

Having diverse backgrounds ranging from Software Engineering, ICT Systems Integration, Telecommunications Infrastructure, Banking and Product Management, we bring a multifaceted perspective in solving your key business challenges using technology.

We keep it simple, frugal and transparent in our engagements ensuring that our partnership is built on the trust that we wont oversell or over commit and respect the value of our collective resource pool. 


If your business values aligns with the principles that we stand for, please reach out to us to have a zero-commitment assessment of your business challenge, where we would get started right away in providing you with a well-defined, concrete roadmap in how we think your needs should be addressed in the best possible way.

Business Meeting

Resourcefulness and Innovation are our key drivers

"The cement that fills the cracks in Enterprise IT"

Quite often, the ICT Industry is driven by numbers - quarterly earnings, top and bottom line, etc. This places undue pressure on organizations to go looking for "quick and dirty deals, high revenue with high profit" so that they do not lose out to competition, instead of focusing on their key values. Today, it is extremely rare to hear of an ICT project that was executed without a major hitch for these reasons.

Our core beliefs compel us to follow a systematic approach where we take the time and energy to fully understand our clients and their needs before providing solutions. A satisfied customer is a repeat customer, and we would never oversell something for a quick return.

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear"

Mark Twain

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Toronto, Canada

+1 647-999-1016

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